Real estate is an important investment asset, and the market needs tools and solutions to be efficient. Regardless of their nature, the common denominator of all such tools and solutions is DATA.

Real estate data is by nature, highly fragmented and siloed, where data owners have little incentive to allow external access or little means to monetize them. This is especially true in China, where the problem is most acute, but market potential the greatest.

BLACK CREEK solves this conundrum by utilizing blockchain technology to connect individual data owners, forming a highly scalable decentralized real estate database. This blockchain platform provides an unalterable record of all data access and update, resulting in the most comprehensive and accountable real estate database, where usage revenues can be fairly shared with all data contributors.





Behind BLACK CREEK is a network of individual data providers, who constantly strives to provide the most updated data available. This allows BLACK CREEK to quickly and efficiently scale across geography.



BLACK CREEK utilizes an “user-centric” revenue sharing model, to ensure that data contributors of all sizes and nature will receive their fair share of revenue, based on the actual amount that users have paid. This will prevent smaller contributors from having their revenue diluted by large contributors with popular contents.



We take accountability and transparency seriously. Very seriously. Which is why we make immutable record of not only all data updates and access, but also our rules, including revenue calculation models and access privileges on blockchain.



Data accuracy is at the heart of BLACK CREEK. We design data integrity into our system via a multi-tiered verification and conflict resolution mechanism, to maintain a high level of data integrity.